I've been a Colorado wedding photographer for over 10 years.  I adore photographing unique and laid back couples.  I tend to gravitate towards editorial images but my heart skips an extra beat at the gorgeous emotional happiness that inevitably happens because I'm either really funny (at least I like to think so) or my clients are embracing the joy in the moment.  Sunset or sunrise is where the magic happens in my work.  I'm a sucker for that gorgeous natural light that Colorado loves to give me. 
 I've been married to the love of my life for over 20 years.  Together we have two gorgeous babies 16 (Mackenzie) and 15 (Hudson).  I also have two fur babies Grace (my adorable dog) and Max (my beautiful cat) and they can be regularly seen on my instagram stories.  We are a pretty active family outside of my work and can be found hiking Colorado, watching my kids sports activities and hitting up our home gym in our spare time.   Want to know more about me?  Follow me on Instagram, facebook or my blog!  Truly honored to have had you stop by my website!  

I picked up a camera after I had my daughter.  I know right?  The classic moment many begin their journey.  Ahhh, watching the way the light would change and create a story in an image.  I was hooked.  My business started through word of mouth and has progressed into a full time wedding business for the past 10 years.  I started my business about 12 years ago.  In the last 10 years I have been all over Colorado and a few out of state weddings as well.  

From urban weddings to gorgeous mountain top vows this job keeps me absolutely in love with what I do.  The people I meet and connect with has opened my eyes to how unique and beautiful the world can be.  I adore telling my clients story through my own colorful and happy perspective.   

the photog behind the lens

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What does that mean to be a light chasing wedding photographer?  It simply means that I know that the sun can give me the most stunning and gorgeous images for my clients.  I will seek it out for every session and I'll offer my advise on the best time to get that.  Each session I approach I want to pull out my clients natural relationship.  Its my job to make you comfortable in front of the lens.  I give direction through out your session and I also allow time for you to just be in the moment.  The result is absolutely stunning and unique to my skill set.   I also love when my clients bring their own personal style into their session.  That can be the location or the clothing they choose.  Some of my clients love a little more guidance.  And I have several locations I can recommend or suggestions on what styles work well together in a photo shoot.   Ultimately you are running the show.   I want each session, wedding I approach to be unique to my couples style and relationship.  

light chasing, editorial and emotional

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