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a little about me...



My goal for every session is to photograph emotion. That moment you forget I'm there and you laugh so easily with the one you love.

I have always been drawn towards natural light. The way it can change an image bring so much emotion and depth...light is simply the best tool I have in my camera bag.

I live in Colorado Springs and I love….
coffee, painted nails, funky earrings, old worn in boots, vintage cameras and hiking in the mountains with my hubby. I love watching my babies, Kenzie and Hudson run through my backyard with my beautiful dog…(but a little on the high energy side) Grace. I also have an amazing group of friends and we can frequently be found sipping on wine and laughing till tears stream down our face. Basically I love life…. I really enjoy it. There are so many beautiful moments…so many unique people in my life that help shape who I am. Photography is just part of how I express it. I love the ability to be able to bring part of who I am into each and every session I do. The romantic, quirky, colorful and happy part of me…

I began my business in 2010 after taking picture after picture of the loves of my life, Kenzie and Hudson…and a few of my hubby when he wasn’t looking. I fell in love with light. The way it could express so much emotion and depth to a photo… Light has become one of my signature styles in my portraits.

To me – photography tells a story that words can’t – and I get to tell that story with my camera. I love finding the unique beauty that each stage of life brings. My job is to give you that reaction to those stages of life and put it into something tangible…so that in a few years you can go back and remember that day.

My work has been featured on various blogs and magazines. I love to travel and have photographed and explored so many gorgeous places through out the United States.

Thank you SO much for your interest in Elizabeth Ann Photography! if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on my website or my blog.